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Mr. David Miscavige - Scientology 2000: the First 50 Years


Scientology 2000 -- the First 50 Years  

On the eve of the year 2000, before a Los Angeles audience of nearly 14,000 from dozens of nations, Mr. David Miscavige presented an historic address benchmarking the end of the first half-century of Dianetics and Scientology:


           "Welcome to an evening like no other in our history, and a New Year celebration like none other on Earth. For while the whole world awaits the New Millennium tonight, with whatever hope and aspirations they can muster, this one is different for us.

"Because we are not only celebrating the first half-century of LRH Technology, but before this night is over, I guarantee you those words "New Millennium" will take on an entirely new meaning.  
Now, of course, a thousand years is hardly a blip in the greater galactic drama, not to mention the greater scheme of a thetan's existence. But considering how long beings have been spiraling down the chute, and just what Scientology represents as the turning point upward, the last half of this twentieth century is one that nobody will forget.

But let's first assess the last fifty years, from this phrase, "Fastest Growing Religion on Earth." Because while you may still find some places where Scientology is not yet a fully operative word, you've got to consider the real substance behind that phrase. Factually, the full story runs so much deeper L. Ron Hubbard forging a technology to bring about total spiritual freedom. And therein lies the story, of not just this twentieth century, but the saga of all ages past and future.

So tonight, let's step back and examine the grand view. And to begin, let's return to 1950, and consider what it really meant to introduce Dianetics and Scientology at the mid-point of this twentieth century.

Historians would eventually call it the "Age of Uncertainty." After all, in reply to a first world war that took 37 million lives, came a second which claimed another 55 million. And while they all died beneath the slogan "War to end all wars," what was the commonly accepted solution provided by world leaders, on the eve of Dianetics?

As they said it, if you really wanted to put an end to war, there was only one "solution." Build a bigger bomb. And as for the psychiatric role in executing this strategy, their job was to convince an American public to willingly support this system and the increasingly exorbitant tax bites to pay for it. It was all part and parcel of that plan to keep America on the edge of panic. And it worked.

What that modern-day Inquisition created, was best described by a United States Senator in these terms: "Race is set against race, party against party, religion against religion, neighbor against neighbor, and child against parent." So let there be no doubt that the real tool of the Cold War was not the launching of an atomic bomb. It was terror, as in terrorizing the population. And, it appeared they had no opposition no one to get in their way. All they had to do was make sure everyone was on their payroll.

Mr. Miscavige then went on to describe Mr. Hubbard's publication of Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950, and the "Grass Roots Prairie Fire" this ignited.  >> Continued.

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