Monday, November 13, 2006
Mr. David Miscavige Releases the Clearing Congress Films on DVD

On 17 March, 2006, Mr. David Miscavige took the stage before a capacity house at Clearwater's Performing Arts Center where Scientologists from all over the world had come, joined via telecast by tens of thousands more in every geographic zone to celebrate L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, mankind's greatest friend.

He announced  the completion of a monumental RTC-directed and supervised project to fully restore the LRH Clearing Congress films a historic milestone for every Scientologist.

MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE: The final element of our LRH Birthday is something that has everything to do with not only what it means to be on-Source but, rather, the very means to be on-Source.

Last year we launched the Golden Age of Knowledge. It's a program, when completed, will see Scientology into the future for eternity. That is, all of Scientology in full application producing miracles-as-usual results at every step of the Bridge to Total Freedom.

As for what it's already meant in terms of Keeping Scientology Working, not to mention the very essence of Scientology as knowledge, I need not explain it to anybody who has availed themselves of the Congresses, which were released as a first step.
Yet while veteran Scientologists can readily point out how it wasn't always this way, how the materials weren't always so available, there is the reverse side of the coin specifically the thousands of Scientologists newly walking onto the Bridge who never knew it to be any other way. People who had the luxury of taking their first step into an org, walking to the Bookstore audiovisual system, discovering the Congresses and simply beginning.

That's the more long-term view and when you consider the future release of virtually every LRH lecture, it means nothing less than the fact that every Scientologist will have before them the vast panorama of LRH's discoveries millions upon millions of words yet each singular breakthrough distinguishable and locatable at the push of a button.

That's definitely a step in our responsibilities to help build that better Bridge.

But once again, let's really get a gauge on where we stood last year. It wasn't simply that Scientologists hadn't heard LRH's Congress lectures. Rather, most didn't even know what the word Congress meant and even if so, not with any relative importance to any other part of the body of technology that is Dianetics and Scientology.Scientology

   But go even one step further and tie it into all else, and specifically LRH himself.   

The rest of the excerpt from the speech is available online at

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