Friday, July 21, 2006

At the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology of New York, Mr. David Miscavige spoke about the impact of the Scientology Volunteer Minister program at an international level, as well as a personal level.



Inaugural Address for the Grand Opening of the New Church of Scientology of New York





For as Mr. Miscavige explained, it was in New York that Scientologists inspired the world following the tragic events of 9/11 that "Something Could Be Done About It" — a single phrase that now drives a global movement bringing help and hope to millions in nations across the world.




"…what we are bringing to New York Scientologists today, with this new church, is what you inspired across the rest of the world three years ago. In fact, it can be said in a single phrase that now drives a global movement bringing hope and salvation to millions, world over.


"For in the darkest of times and worst of places, you stood tall amongst it all, as a shining beacon of light, proclaiming in action that:




The conditions we face today are but "symptoms" of the real "disease" behind cultural decline. A society is comprised of individuals. And if solutions are what we seek — then let's revitalize the individual himself.


Which returns me to the events of three years ago, and the atrocities of September 11th. It was a "wake-up call" for all of us. The curtain came down, exposing the fragile state of the world we live in. While others would respond with war and military action, we recognized terrorism as but a symptom of what really ails man. By the same token, the urgency of our mission had never been clearer. More bluntly, the demand for our solutions had never been greater. People were asking for help and it was time for us to answer.


And so we come full circle to New York, and a movement you "inspired" — which now spans the globe. I am, of course, speaking of our Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Today, they are internationally known, and recognized, for what has been described as "spiritual first aid". To that end they are ready and organized to respond to any disaster — man-made or by force of nature.



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