Monday, September 05, 2005
David Miscavige

Here's an excerpt of an interesting article I found where David Miscavige describes his early years in Scientology, taken from the St. Petersburg Times.  It describes how Mr. Miscavige first became a Scientologist.

The article explains how the Miscavige family moved to Saint Hill in England, one of the major international centers for the Scientology religion.  He then returned to Philadelphia to carry on with his education but decided to join the Sea Organization (a religious order for the Scientology religion composed of the most dedicated Scientologists in the world).


"By age 15, Miscavige was back in suburban Philadelphia for his sophomore year of high school.


"At the time, Miscavige said, he found the drug use among his classmates 'appalling.' He decided Clearwater was a good place to work with Hubbard, and he quit high school on his 16th birthday.


"'I wanted to dedicate my life to this,' David Miscavige said."


The article explains that from the very beginning, Mr. Miscavige showed exceptional leadership.


"'When someone 15 years younger than you is starting to tell you something, you either have tremendous respect for that person ... or you don't listen to them,' said Greg Wilhere, then the leading Scientology official in Clearwater who now works under Miscavige in California. Miscavige, he said, 'had the ability to make things go right.'

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