Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Scientology Volunteer Ministers Help after Katrina

I found an article about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers today on Google News.  Volunteer Ministers have been arriving in the Gulf Coast from all over the U.S. to help with disaster relief following Hurricane Katrina   I know of one man who came all the way up from Argentina.  And there is a group of people who heard about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers from a radio show in Puerto Rico, who called in volunteering to help, got trained in the Scientology Volunteer Ministers techniques (covered in the Scientology Handbook) and traveled to Louisiana to join with the disaster relief team.

Over the past few years, Mr.David Miscavige has made it very clear how much he respects the work Scientology Volunteer Ministers do and the help they extend their fellow man.  Mr. Miscavige even made the Volunteer Ministers the centerpiece of the briefing he gave Scientologists this summer, which was recorded aboard the Freewinds motor vessel (a Scientology religious retreat) and was later shown at all Scientology churches.

It's very heartening to see so many people pitching in to help the survivors of this disaster.

Here's the article:

Scientologists  offer hands-on relief for rescuers


Knight Ridder Newspapers

Joe Wisdom, a 30-year-old Coral Gables, Fla., resident, has arrived as part of the massive disaster relief effort mounted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

He's no firefighter or cop - he's part of the Church of Scientology Disaster Relief Team.

Members of the much-publicized religion, founded by  writer  L. Ron Hubbard, have set up a yellow tent at a police staging ground near the Canal Street Ferry Terminal, and are giving cops and soldiers body rubs known as ''nerve assists,'' administering shots and handing out clean socks, underwear, medicine and food.

The Scientologists have silver sports utility vehicles with yellow magnets bearing their names, and pamphlets and framed press clippings touting their beliefs. One article, which ran in The New York Times, describes their efforts in setting up relief areas after the Sept. 11 attacks.

''We've been very well received,'' said Wisdom, who works as a real estate broker and is one of more than 400 church members assisting in the New Orleans area.

Members do not worship a deity. Instead they believe people are immortal spirits troubled by mental blocks. The church boasts 5,200 centers worldwide, runs drug rehabilitation and education programs and claims some nine million members.

One of the church's most high profile members, actor John Travolta, has arrived in New Orleans, and accompanied rescue workers on a tour of hard-hit St. Bernard Parish last week.

Wisdom and the other Scientologists say they aren't here to preach.

Instead, they administer the nerve assists: A soldier or a police officer - even some reporters - lay down on a narrow, cushioned bed, the type chiropractors use. Wisdom and other members run their fingers in broad, outward strokes down the spine and lower back. They then turn the person around and rub with a similar motion along the ribs, even down to the feet.

Nerve assists last about 10 minutes and are supposed to release built-up ''standing waves,'' or tension.

''It's a method developed by L. Ron Hubbard,'' Wisdom said, adding ''It isn't necessarily meant to replace a chiropractor or medical attention.''

At least one New Orleans cop was thrilled.

''It was great. It was very relaxing,'' said Sgt. John Deshotel, 41, who has been working virtually nonstop since Hurricane Katrina hit.

What he knew about Scientology before the disaster? ''Not a thing,'' Deshotel said. "But I'm glad they're here."

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