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Mr. David Miscavige has taken up this subject and the solution provided by L. Ron Hubbard in the booklet, "The Way to Happiness," in several of his speeches:

 "This is Scientology" Speech given in August 2004 at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International


MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE:  "The events of September 11th served as a wake-up call for all of us. When one must worry, in today's modern world, about the safety of its citizens, when one's solutions are limited to the use of military might, it is obvious that the problems we face run much deeper.


"It's a situation none of us can ignore. They are conditions we all must face. They are problems we all must be responsible for helping to resolve.


"Yet look around the world today what will you hear? 'What can I do about it?' 'I'm just me.' And therein lies the real problem. For the truth of the matter is that just 'me' and 'we' are the most powerful force on this Earth.


"And no, I am not merely speaking of the daily headlines of international warfare and conflict. The fact is, that's only but the latest chapter in the drama that has continued to unfold for the past several millennia. War man against man nation against nation. And if today it is different, that's only because the weapons are larger. It's a long way from sticks and stones, to laser-guided missiles.


"But here's the real point. While we are hit with the daily headlines, the Code Orange terror alerts, and all else, it obscures the deeper, more serious problem that underlies it all. Man himself."


(A full audio-visual presentation of the entirety of this 48-minute address can be obtained from the Materials and Services Catalog or can be seen in the Church of Scientology nearest you.)


Keynote Address at the Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology of San Franciscoon the 29th of November 2003


MR.DAVID MISCAVIGE:  "In every neighborhood, you can form The Way to Happiness associations to bring common sense morals right to the streets, and Volunteer Minister Chapters to tend to every other of life's problems."


New Year's Address Keynote Address Scientology 2000: The First 50 Years


MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE:  "But you still have that planetary moral crisis for which LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] wrote The Way to Happiness. It's distributed world over by The Way to Happiness Foundation, and today The Way to Happiness is in more than sixty countries, translated into 27 languages, with a worldwide distribution of more than 54 million copies."





Quelling conflict, world over


Now available in over 90 languages, The Way to Happiness book is not religious and is based wholly on common sense.  However, many different religious groups have used The Way to Happiness book as its simple but powerful messages are compatible with and complimentary to most religions of the world.




This book, written by L. Ron Hubbard, successfully bridges cultural, language and religious barriers, and thus our campaigns are comprised of volunteers and supporters from all over the world who are helping people everywhere to live happier, more successful lives and to create a safer, less violent world for all based on these common sense principles and values. 

A continual stream of books out into the society is the primary function of the The Way to Happiness campaign. Over the last 24 years 66-million copies of The Way to Happiness book have been distributed worldwide in over 90 languages and in over 100 countries.  Tens of thousands of people worldwide are part of the international distribution network that has distributed 66,000,000 books into the hands of mankind. 


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